Mateo is conceptualised as an electronic company. In the year 2022, started manufacturing and importing electronic accessories. Mateo sells products like a wireless bluetooth mouse, a 3-in-1 USB flashlight, a round Bluetooth speaker with mic and LED, a medical flashlight, a multifunction desk lamp, a Bluetooth speaker with ear plugs, and many more.

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UX/UI Design, Visual Design, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, Icon Development, Front-End Development, CMS, SEO, WordPress Integration, Ongoing Maintenance, Copywriting, Editing. '


Mateo sells electronic products like lamps, speakers, mice, etc., which are affordable and easy to use. The strength of Mateo is that it has a wide range of products whose quality is backed by a warranty but offers them at competitive prices in the branded accessories category.

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Mobile Friendly

A website that displays well on mobile devices is an absolutely must.Mateo enjoys fluid design elements that reshape to fit any screen size.

Next up is the translation of the site into multiple languages to serve audiences worldwide.

Creative Process

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